Colored Glass Fiber Asphalt Shingle For Roofing

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2200 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Colored Asphalt Shingle Description:

Color asphalt shingle is based on glass fiber mat, carcass after dip-coating quality modified asphalt, one side covered color mineral aggregate, the other side  isolated the material made of new type of tile roof waterproof sheet. It  not only has feature of rich colors, a variety of forms, qualitative light, durable, easy construction etc., and alos has a good waterproof, decorative function.It is widely used at home and abroad in slope roof of new waterproof decorative materials.It's Suitable for roof slope is greater than 20 ° slope roof waterproof.

2.Main Features of Colored Asphalt Shingle:

Suitable for all weather

Corrosion resistance

Heat insulation


3.Colored Asphalt Shingle Specification:


 2.6mm~2.8mm per layer


More than 12 kinds available
Quality year

 20years, 30years, 50years, 70years

MaterialFiberglass mat,ceramic sand,asphalt

4.Colored Asphalt Shingle Images:

Colored Glass Fiber Asphalt Shingle For Roofing

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Q:What are the specifications of the roof tile?
So there are many types of tile roof, there are flat tile roof, green tiles roof, tiles roof, slate tile roof, asbestos cement tile roof, glass steel corrugated tile roof, linoleum tile roof, thin steel tile roof, metal pressure sandwich panel roof The Some are limited to the use of the area, some have been replaced by new forms, which are commonly used in Werner steel tiles, British red tiles and asphalt shingers 3, other roof tiles relative low utilization rate.
Q:Cement tile, asphalt tiles, glazed tiles which is good
Glazed tiles, ceramic tile and the first two tile material process is relatively complex, the high temperature firing, the performance is better.
Q:Asphalt tiles, linoleum, fiberglass tile is the same product
This is actually a few tile is the same tile, to say really distinguish, that is the difference between the carcass, and are generally fiberglass asphalt shingles, other carcasses are unqualified,
Q:Why asphalt tiles develop so quickly
Since ancient times, the roof tile has changed. Asphalt tiles as a new type of roofing materials in foreign countries already have a long history. 150 years ago, in North America, some people with asphalt products on the sloping roof.
Q:Asphalt tile and resin tile which long life
Changzhou Shuangjie resin tile manufacturers products are plastic tile, anti-corrosion tile, PVC tile, ASA anti-corrosion tile and other service life in more than 30 years
Q:Asphalt tile purchase is not really the more expensive the better
looking for color stone metal tile brand to find the industry's first brand on the line.
Q:Glass fiber tiles asphalt tiles need to do testing, if those who need to be mandatory testing?
First introduce a brand to you. Ou Ness, the use of this brand of glass fiber tires asphalt tiles without detection.
Q:Asphalt tile laying method
and then (3) laying the first layer of asphalt shingles, the first asphalt shingles to remove 167mm, then re-use the entire asphalt shingles, and then the same as the two nails in the horizontal direction evenly set 2 nails; Laying the first layer of asphalt tiles along the edge of the wall and cornice and the initial layer of asphalt tiles edge of the alignment at both ends of the bottom from the bottom edge of 60.8mm and 35.4mm from the side of the side were fixed with a nail
Q:Is the rural self - built housing suitable for asphalt
First must be flat roof, the slope of 10 degrees to 90 degrees will do, as long as the roof on the line,
Q:Asphalt tile construction prices in about how much
First, the construction costs due to different local, construction difficulty is different, the price slightly different, usually the basic roof is 5-6 yuan per square square, double the general 7-8 per square.

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