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OPA/AL/PVC Cold-forming compound aluminum hard chip 
Cold forming blister aluminum foil
Cold Forming blister aluminum foil manufactured by the unique production process in well-equipped R 100,000 filter class GMP workshop held ISO 14000 Certification, the quality of products controlled under the ISO9001 quality management system, and beyond the national standard. The products facilitate the establishment of anti-fake mark, easy to forming, fill, open,. It is high barrier blister packaging material absolute resistance of moist, all kinds of gases and light, and overcomes defections of PVC hard chips, PVC/PE/PVDC hard chips, PP hard chips on anti-moist, air proof, light resistance, heat stability and etc. they can prolong the preservative period of drug products, having an Overwhelming stability, even in the tropic conditions can provide best protection for those drugs of strict requirements to keep dry, and it is especially applied to those drugs usually transported between the places of different weather conditions or easy to react. Very good appearance with glorious and silvery white luster of this product can bring more additional values.

OPA/AL/PVC , ordinary thickness 0.14-0.155mm,240~280g per square meter
It can directly contact with drugs, foods, especially for low density medicines. High Sealing strength, can be packaging solutions for different Types pharmaceutical products.
With Excellent performance absolutely resist moisture, anti-oxidation ,all kinds of gases and light.
Used as special packaging materials for the drugs under the extreme ( high or low temperature) environment.
·Main application
It can be used as the low-density packaging materials for tablets, capsules, powders,gel and products for medical diagnosis etc.

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Q:Why can copper foil and aluminum foil shield electromagnetic signals?
Copper foil and aluminum foil can shield electromagnetic signals because they form a closed shielding chamber with the surrounding metal. Aluminum foil or copper foil and metal form continuous conduction
Q:Which bags are better, such as shield bag, aluminium bag and aluminum foil bag?
Moisture resistant, but because it is not pure aluminum, non puncture; aluminum foil bags the best performance, anti-static, moisture-proof, puncture resistance. If you can help, but also hope to adopt
Q:Can the potatoes be heated by foil?
Of course, things wrapped in aluminum foil can not be heated in microwave ovens
Q:Is the aluminum foil used for fresh keeping the better the heat preservation?
Hello! Polyethylene foam cotton is a non crosslinked closed cell structure, also known as EPE pearl cotton, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials.
Q:The action of perforating aluminium foil and non perforating aluminium foil
There is no such thing as "cold" in the world. What you call "cold transmission"?",
Q:Aluminum foil and aluminum foil is not the same?
Aluminum foil and aluminum foil is the same.Also as a foil, aluminum foil, in Hongkong, also known as tin foil, is machined by aluminum foil mill into a sheet thickness below 0.2mm, mainly used for kitchen cooking, food containers, or used to make some simple cleaning materials. Thousands of tons of aluminium foil are used around the world for the protection and packing of food, cosmetics and chemicals.
Q:Where are the aluminum foil lunch boxes used?
Baking is pretty. There are also some people who use it for household use. Relatively light, easy to carry
Q:What is the aluminum foil?What is it?
With metal foil Mylar foil backing, and adhesive polyester tape (PET PP) attached to the thin, 7 m and 9 m aluminum foil, in recent years with the change trend of electronic industry products small thin, the thickness of 4UM foil has gradually increased, due to the application of industry and different end use.
Q:Do you want the foil removed from the outlet of the central air conditioner?
What Dongdong, send a photo come up, I do this line for a few years, do not understand what you say
Q:When the wire is made, it needs to be covered with a layer of aluminum foil, and the outside is insulated
Insulation is done outside to protect or leak electricity.The cable foil is coated with plastic film on one or both sides with the tightness and shielding of aluminum foil

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