CJX2-LC1-D/9511 magnetic contactor ac contactor units for sale electrical contactor

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CJX2 LC1-D9511 AC contactors

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100 pcs


16 pcs into one carton

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  •  CJX2LC1-D series AC Contactor is suitable for electrical circuits up to the rated voltage of 660V,AC 50HZ or 60HZ,rated current up to 96A,for making breaking,frequently starting&controling AC motor. 

  • AC Contactor combined with the auxiliary contact block,timer delay&mechanical interlock device,etc,it becomes the delay contactor,mechanical interlock contactor,star-delta starter.With the thermal relay,it is combined into the electromagnetic starter. 

  • The AC Contactor is produced according to IEC947-2, VDE0660 & BS5452.

Rated working current (A)AC39121825324050658095
AC3 capacity of phase 3 
     squirrel-cage motor AC3 (kw)
Rated heat current (A)2020324050608080125125
Electrical lifeAC4 x 1042020-1520-715-715-710-777-67-57-5
AC3 x 10622222221.61.61.6
Mechanical life x 10620202020202020201010
Number of the contact3P + NO3P + NO3P + NO3P + NO3P + NO3P + NC + NO3P + NC + NO3P + NC + NO3P + NC + NO3P + NC + NO
3P + NC3P + NC3P + NC3P + NC3P + NC


1. Adopt building block system to mount auxiliary contactor block, air delay auxiliary contactor,  thermal overload relay and so on, which can be combined into multiple derived series product.
2. Contactor has the advantage of Small volume, light, low consumption, high life, good safety.

3. Main contactor below 32A has 1 N/C or 1 N/O, there is 1 N/C and 1 N/O above 40A. Contactor can be  assembled with F4, F8 auxiliary contact or Time-delay block.
Contactor can not only use screw mounting, but also use 35mm\[CJX-09~95],75mm \[CJX-40~95] and2 x 35mm\[CJX-115~170] international standard Din-rail mounting.

Outline and Mounting Dimension:

CJX2-LC1-D/9511 magnetic contactor ac contactor units for sale electrical contactor

TypeA maxB maxC maxabφ

Working condition: 

 1.Enviroment temperature is -5°c~+40°c.

2.The average temperature in 24 hours shall not exceed +35 degree.

3.The altitude of the installation shall not exceed 2000m.

4.Pollution grade:Grade III.

5.Installation class:III.

6.The product shall be installed and operated at a place without obvious shake, impact and vibration.

7.The relative humidity shall not exceed 50% when the enviromental temperature is +40 degree. The relative humidity maybe higher at lower temperature condition. The maximun month-average relative humidity is 90% in the most humid month,with a minium month average temperature +25°c.The factor that dew may occur on the product surface due to temperature change shall be taken into consideration. 

Detailed Images:

CJX2-LC1-D/9511 magnetic contactor ac contactor units for sale electrical contactor

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CJX2-LC1-D/9511 magnetic contactor ac contactor units for sale electrical contactor

CJX2-LC1-D/9511 magnetic contactor ac contactor units for sale electrical contactor

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CJX2-LC1-D/9511 magnetic contactor ac contactor units for sale electrical contactor

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CJX2-LC1-D/9511 magnetic contactor ac contactor units for sale electrical contactor

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Q:How to connect the DC contactor to the circuit?
Have you seen the satellite days someone to close the knife? Dangerous high-current gate knife when the arc is wounding
Q:The Development of Electrical Performance Testing Technology for Contactors
The data processing in the literature mainly focuses on the calculation of power grid frequency and power factor
Q:What is the contactor's formula?
The rated current and rated voltage of the low voltage circuit breaker shall not be less than the normal operating voltage of the line and the calculated load current (the total current at all load operation, multiplied by the actual situation)
Q:Various types of contactors are classified
the solenoid coil has been energized work, resulting in electromagnetic suction, to ensure that the core and armature pull, with moving, static contact Closed
Q:Determine whether the AC contactor can cut off the short circuit current?
arc extinguishing device, the general capacity of the larger AC contactor are equipped with arc extinguishing device, in order to quickly cut off the arc, from burning the main contact;
Q:About introduction type of contactor
Two, permanent magnet to keep the pull compared with the electromagnetic connection, low noise, no pollution.
Q:What is the difference between the contactor and the relay?
it is usually off the circuit current is usually small, that is generally used in the control circuit (with the "main circuit" contrast)
Q:The main structure of the contactor
The service life of the contactor is very high, the mechanical life is usually several million to ten million times, and the electrical life is generally several hundred thousand to several million times.
Q:The contactor is mainly composed
20 amperes above the contactor with an arc extinguishing cover, the use of electromagnetic circuit generated when the circuit off, quickly pull off the arc, protect the contacts
Q:Current Status of Electrical Performance Testing Technology for Contactors
the contact pressure drop, disconnect the contact between the voltage, the main circuit current and other electrical parameters of the sample sampling. The control part uses a digital I / O board to drive the contactor or relay on and off by controlling the solid state relay

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