Chinese Granite Stone (With CE)

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Yellow,Pink,Grey,Dark,White,Green,Blue,Red,Brown etc .


Polished,honed,flamed,bushhammered,sandblasted, chiseled, natural split,tumbled,pineapple,etc.


tile,slab,kerbstone,cube stone, paving stone, countertop.













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Strong fumigated wooden pallets for export.

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According to your purchase quantity.


One 20' Container

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During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, fabrication to package, Our quality controller will strictly inspect each pcs and control each process to ensure quality standards and timely delivery.

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1,Price terms:FOB,CIF,CNF

2,Payment terms:T/T or L/C at sight,and Western Union if it is samples

3.Loading port:Xiamen 、 Qingdao or Any China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft with mixed style container,sample order is negotiable

5,Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates with plastic and foam inside

6,Delivery : Within 10-20 days,depengs on customers' order quantity

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During the whole production process,from material choosing, fabrication to package,our quality auditors will strictly control each single and every process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery.

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European,American and Oceania,Australian,Middle-East ect

Granite tile with its high hardness, wear resistance, difficult to be acid or weathering erosion. Perfect for quick and easy remodels n Obtain the durability of natural granite. Save time and money! These granite tiles are easy to install and fit directly for the project.

Type: Granite

Place of Origin: Fujian

Color: Grey,Pink,Red,Black

Density(g/cm3): 2.6-2.8

Surface Finished

Polished,Honed,Flamed,Bushhammered,SandBlasted,Chisselled, Or As Your Requirement

Random Length Slab
























Cut To Size













All special size can be made according to client's demand


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Q:What are the disadvantages of imitation marble lines?
Stone plastic line: Chang Le lines by UV optical transfer technology, vivid stone effect, water proof, stone plastic products; no obvious shortcomings, but in pursuit of texture and intensity, the higher density, the weight ratio of PS and PVC are higher, but still much lighter than natural marble;
Q:Installation method of sandstone relief
Direct mounting methodInstallation height is usually very low (2m) paste methodThe mixing with adhesive, glue in the back with the artificial sandstone tooth paste spatula, artificial sand rock in the line on the wall.From the bottom to install, dry, beautify the gap.
Q:What is the best brand
Three, domestic ordinary resin artificial stoneMonterey, Milan stone, stone, Polystone resistance, beauty life beautiful stone, including upstairs mentioned Shi xun. This type of stone is not as good as three, which means that the quality is not good, on the contrary, they are the representative of the price, is the mainstream market
Q:What materials do windows of the table is good?
A stone artificial stone is the most common timber windows and table, is not afraid of tide, no deformation, easy maintenance. The disadvantage is in the cold winter will be cold, if love takes a nap in Piaochuang stage would have to make Zhang Tanzi cushion, and the relative price of natural stone is a little bit expensive.The advantages of natural stone, like artificial stone, artificial stone is in the price than the cheap, but it is worth noting that the natural stone has the radiation, radiation levels of marble are divided into three categories: a minimum of B radiation, followed by C, the biggest, but choose the category used in indoor is absolutely no problem. And don't try to choose bright colors of marble. The radiation of the granite is stronger than that of marble, so we can choose not to choose.Two wood wood board with the table is not cold, looks relatively simple, the disadvantage is likely to be the sun for a long time in case of deformation, the window is easy to damp rain in the winter, there will be a lot of windows of condensed water flow to the left table, also can make mesa damp wood board deformation. Sauna board in terms of moisture to solve the defects of the wood board, but a single color sauna board, but also with other decorative fabrics, such as.
Q:How to remove marble, marble break does not matter, but can not hurt both sides of the tiles..
We have done, as long as the workers carefully enough can not say how many percent success rate, after all, this is not often, as far as we are concerned, treated three or four times no problem, don't know that I can say that the success rate is one hundred percent
Q:What is the meaning of slate?
Slate is a rock with a plate structure, basically no recrystallization
Q:How to distinguish terrazzo and marble
Terrazzo is cement and gravel mixing and pouring into the ground, there are about 1 square meters of dividing line, glass or copper strip dividing line, and then polished after waxing, marble is native to Yunnan Dali stone, now rarely used. The size of radioactive material radioactive terrazzo stone have the general to be tested to know.
Q:Cement grinding and limestone content
Under the premise of adding mineral powder, the content of limestone can be appropriately increased, and the ratio of acid mixture and basic mixture is adjusted. As raw materials, according to the content of calcium oxide in limestone is different, generally in 52% - 80%. As an admixture in cement products, the proportion is less than 1.5%.
Q:How should carbon slabs be described
silty or neutral tuff-based, and then introduce the alteration, if there is a tape
Q:Lime kiln raw materials? Specifically what kind of ore?
Its response is CaCO3 CaO+CO2-42.5KcaI. The technological process of the utility model is that the limestone and the fuel are loaded into the lime kiln (if the fuel gas is fed into the pipeline and the burner), the temperature of the furnace is started to decompose at 850 DEG C, and the calcination is completed at a temperature of 1200 degrees. Complete the production of quicklime products. Modern mixed burning lime kiln of limestone and other kilns are basically the same, more than 53% calcium oxide content of silicon oxide, Magnesium Oxide, iron oxide, alumina and other harmful ingredients and not more than 2%. Particle size requirements within 1:2. Grain size is 30-60; 40-80; 50-100 is more appropriate. To sum up, it is known that the particle size is proportional to the calcination time. More than 100 should not be used in the modern environmental protection energy-saving lime kiln. Burning a ton of lime requires 1.78 tons of limestone. Calcium carbonate is a kind of inorganic compound, which is the main component of limestone and limestone. It is a common material on the earth, can be found in the rock. It is the main component of the back shell and snail shell. According to the different production methods of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate can be divided into heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate and crystalline calcium carbonate. Chalk, by marine shell and shell accumulation, is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, composed of cryptocrystalline or amorphous fine loose color white, shiny chalk in the calcium carbonate content is more than 90%, a soft or hard white stone Liejiang often add chalk (mainly calcium carbonate), red clay flint and etc.

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