Big Keypad Senior Mobile Phone M33

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Product Description:

Product Description

1.Network:GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHZ (QUAD BAND)
2.Louder speaker/BIG keypad/BIG torch
3.TV+ output FM
4.5PIN USB , 5PIN earphone, 3.5 NOKIA JACK
5.2.0 TFT LCD
6.Bluetooth/FM/GPRS/MP3/MP4/ with NOKIA charge jack
7.Platform: RDA8851 (32+32 Flash )
10.Color:black , red, purple

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Q:How to set up my mobile phone for gprs?
first u have to tell about the model or company of the phone but if not then follow these easy steps may be this work Select a Frequency Band to Activate GPRS Step 1Access the phone's settings from the phone's main menu. Note: In countries outside of the United States or North America, you typically need to use the 900 MHz/1800 MHz frequency to get a GPRS signal from one of the mobile providers in another country. Step 2Click the Network option from the menu that appears. Step 3Select Band to begin the band selection. Step 4Click on the band option that you want to activate a GPRS connection, such as 850/1900, 900/1800 or automatic if you are uncertain of the GPRS band. Step 5Turn the device off and then back on if it does not automatically select the band and you have selected the automatic option. Create a Network Connection to Activate GPRS Step 1Access the main menu on the phone to get to the settings menu. Step 2Click Network, and then Network Setup (which usually appears as an option but depends on your model of phone). Step 3Select Manual or Automatic. Note: You want to set your phone's option to Automatic so you can establish a GPRS connection with your mobile provider. However, select Manual if you want to choose a different network. Step 4Make sure that your phone connects and you can begin to make calls. Reset the Phone to Activate GPRS Step 1Pull the battery out of your phone while it is turned on. Note: It is necessary to reset your phone at times if there are network glitches or coverage issues. This will re-establish your connect with a mobile provider's network. Step 2Wait approximately 30 seconds, then re-insert the battery. Step 3Press and hold the red Power button on your phone to turn it on. Step 4Make sure that your phone displays the GPRS icon in the status bar to verify you are reconnected with your network.
Q:Mobile Phone Unlocking?
High okorder
Q:How can I cancel my Virgin Mobile Phone/Account?
Virgin Mobile Cancel Account
Q:Mobile phone connected to the computer does not show how to do?
If you plug in the other U disk can be displayed, then you have to check the phone's memory card (you can change a try).
Q:Can I enjoy programming on Windows Mobile cell phone ?
I don't think we have a mobile based compiler in the market as yet. Mobile devices are short on RAM and processor power, not to mention they constantly have to perform the job of a phone. So, the devices are not used to do programing, as programing itself is a tedious job for a processor (running IDE, debuggers, compilers, linkers etc.). So, for the time being, I think you would have to be content on using mobile phones as phones and not for programing. Though you can Microsoft Visual Studio for mobile device programing. Have fun
Q:help with nano technology in mobile phones?
nanotechnology includes the latest electronic chips Your mobile phone has to communicate at frequencies of about 1GHz, and does numerical computations at the speed of a few GHz too For that, you need the latest technologies, including the 90nanometer chips. (well, you don't NEED it, but it allows you to do the job better) 90nanometers refers to the smallest part of the smallest component on the chip. (usually the minimal width of the grid of transistors) now, in a cell phone, you also have a lcd screen that is sometimes considered nanotechnology, and also 1Mpixel (or more) photocaptors (ie: the camera on your cellphone). And that's nanotechnology too. In all that, you don't have a single moving object, but the electronic chips have nanometric properties. ie: there is nanotechnology, but no MEMS(micro electro-mechanical systems) since nothing is mechanical (ie: moves) in there. Another thing that can be considered nanotechnology is the battery. Bateries are only as powerful as the surface of metal there is inside, so to boost the surface while keeping the same volume and mass, they create nanometric bumps on the surface, that will boost the surface of metal, and power of the batery a bit. (a lot)
Q:Young people and mobile phones?
Now a day mobile phones become a part of human life. Peoples are busy now with their own job business. They spend time more time in office and outdoor rather home. So a mobile phone can be a best friend of him/her for contact with child, partner or family. Young people cant continue without mobile phone a single day. After manufacture Android Phone young are catch it make their life enjoyable. Android mobile can brings word in your hand when you are out of home or you don't have any laptop. For you Android may be a best friend.
Q:Health Risks of Using a mobile phone?
Radiation can affect the brain, Lucy could become addicted, she could get depressed or harassed, anything could happen. Remember its a 3 mark question so evaluate your answer in detail- no simple sentences Hope I was of help :)
Q:unlocking mobile phones?
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Q:Upcoming Mobile phones?
im not sure about the iphone coming out with a new one this year but one thing for sure is sony ericsson xperia x1 is using WM maybe version 7.0 also an interesting phone to look out for would be samsung f480, nice touch on the interface. and theres also the nokia n96, which is going to be loaded with features again, unfortunately, the UI of the Symbian s60 is kind of boring now compared to xperia and f480.

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