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Self-check: automatical or manual internal fault inspection
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Adopts dynamic compensation method, fundamentally solve the compensation system series resonance overvoltage and best compensation between conflicting issues. It is well known that the arc suppression coil without any benefits during normal operation of power grids, if then tune into a state of full compensation or close to full compensation, there will be a series resonance overvoltage by raising the neutral point voltage, power grid normal operation and all sorts of single-phase grounding fault may produce dangerous overvoltage. So when the normal operation of power grids, adjust the arc suppression coil makes the tracking grid of capacitive current change bad no, which is specified by the department of electric power "fixed arc suppression coil can't work in a state of full compensation or close to full compensation". Like domestic automatic compensation device are servo system, is in front of the grid has not yet occurred ground fault the arc suppression coil to adjust to a state of full compensation for ground fault occurs, it is to avoid excessive series resonance overvoltage and a damping on the arc suppression coil in series

 THXH series arc-suspension coil complet compensation installation can change inductive current compensation of the arc suspension coil by changing inductance L. Advantages: strong adaptability in electrical network, extremely short response time and automatic detection and identification of the running status of electrical network via computer-based controller. During normal operation of the electric network, it can real-time calculate the capacitive current of the power network to earth and the out-of-resonance of power compensation network. It can realize quick and rational compensation in case of single-phase earthing.

(1), using the technology of controllable silicon, the compensation current is 0 ~100% of rated current range of continuous stepless adjustment, realize large-scale precise compensation, but also to adapt to the different needs of the powerdistribution network in different development period.

(2), the use of short circuit impedance as the working resistance, the volt ampere characteristic in the range of 0 to 110%UN is maintained in excellent linearity,which can achieve precise compensation.

(3), the arc suppression coil with adjustable belongs to, do not need to be installed damping resistance, also won't appear a series resonant, it not only improves the reliability of the operation, but also simplifies the equipment.

(4) when a single-phase earth fault occurs in the arc suppression coil is the fastest 5ms output compensation current, thereby suppressing arc, prevent airionization caused by arc caused by phase to phase short circuit; at the same time, it can effectively eliminate the repeated single-phase grounding fault are separated by a short time.

(5), complete sets of equipment without transmission, a rotating mechanism, high reliability, low noise, simple operation and maintenance.

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Q:What are the general requirements for working on distribution equipment?
Can be plugged into the elbow cable connector, not load operation.
Q:What is the power equipment in the distribution room?
The indoor power distribution room with low voltage load is called the power distribution room,
Q:What are the two power distribution equipment?
Primary equipment is the equipment used in the main system of transmission, transmission and distribution
Q:What is the role of transmission system and distribution system in power grid
power plant and the load center often separated by long distances, resulting in the problem of power transmission. The power is sent to the user only hydropower area can be fully utilized by high voltage transmission line
Q:Transmission and transformation equipment
High voltage has a very high risk, and the target electrical appliances do not need such a high voltage, which needs to reduce the voltage through the transformer
Q:Rural high voltage transmission line equipment ownership
You do not want to what the transformer behind the high-voltage line,
Q:Transmission lines are not electrical equipment?
Transmission lines in the power transmission project belongs to the carrier, belonging to the power cable category, should not be called equipment
Q:Power distribution equipment should be prepared before the blackout?
Before the power failure, the person in charge or the electrical appliance technician should fill in the work order.
Q:What is the difference between power supply and distribution
Power supply and distribution is part of the use of general by the Architectural Design Institute of electrical professional
Q:CHINT group in the transmission and distribution equipment to do it?
The national grid is not purchasing some equipment of CHINT, CHINT group is now very powerful

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