Air Cooled Modular Chiller-A3007

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It adopts the wellknown imported vortex compressor, each unit uses double compressor and the double condenser design, the unit is very easy to maintain .

The protection and control facilities are put in the control box, showing the main engine's operating condition by the computer monitor.The unit assembles completely in the factory, the products allow to leave the factory after running , debugging.


1. Easy to install and saving space:it needs no cooling pump or cooling tower which can save a lot installation and material cost. It can be set on roof, yard, balcony or other suitable open air positions but no need of machine room.

2. Multiple functions: one unit can offer both cooling and heat.

3. Modular design system: each refrigeration system is independent and can be standby of each other. One failure of the cooling system will not affect the other. And the light and small unit make the delivery much easier. The modular design can make it freely combined to meet various requirements.


The unit applicable scope includes: market, housing, office, commercial building, factory workshop, hotel, hospital and so on.

Standard cooling conditions: Ambient temp: 35°CDB/24°C WB; cooling water in/out temperature: 12°C/7°C.

Standard heating conditions: Ambient temp: 7°CDB/6°C WB; cooling water in/out temperature: 40°C/45°C.

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Q:Humbly ask for a question, can the computer room use industrial air conditioning?
the price is much higher than the computer room with UPS
Q:What brand of industrial air conditioning is good?
Founded in 1993, headquartered in the Pearl River Delta industrial center, Nanhai District, Foshan, is a large modern enterprise group specializing in the production and sales of household and commercial air conditioners.
Q:How to choose industrial air conditioning
With the United States 1.5P air-conditioning, in the dehumidification function can be
Q:Who used industrial cabinets, air-conditioning, there are good manufacturers to introduce ah?
one is in Shenzhen Refrigeration Technology Co. Ltd., compares the quotations and their product parameters, call them 2 prototype
Q:What is the noise range of air conditioning stipulated by the state?
The noise generated mainly from two aspects, first, air-conditioning, compressors and other machines generated noise, and two is the expansion of plastic parts outside the cold contraction noise
Q:Where is the demand for industrial air conditioners larger?
I used to have a home air conditioner, and the clients did it and let the boss take it so efficiently..
Q:What are the units in the air conditioner?
The other models can calculate the number of matches according to the cooling capacity, such as 50 models for two horses.
Q:Is industrial air cooler or air conditioning good?
Now our country's industrial air-conditioning quality is better, and temperature control is relatively stable.
Q:What is the difference between an industrial inverter and an inverter used in an air conditioner?
A closed loop vector control, closed-loop torque control; high overload capacity, built-in braking unit; linear v/f control, square v/f control, programmable multi point v/f control, speed control free flux current vector control, vector control, closed-loop torque control, energy saving control mode.
Q:Do you know the Development Zone, Shougang, TOYOTA industrial air conditioning compressor factory?
I am ~ formal employees in industrial equipment installation Co. Ltd. for the construction of Shougang I don't know, but in the construction can tell you ~ the building installation has many regional companies, this, how to choose to see his promising ~ ~ find a good can only say so

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