Air Cooled Modular Chiller-A3007

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It adopts the wellknown imported vortex compressor, each unit uses double compressor and the double condenser design, the unit is very easy to maintain .

The protection and control facilities are put in the control box, showing the main engine's operating condition by the computer monitor.The unit assembles completely in the factory, the products allow to leave the factory after running , debugging.


1. Easy to install and saving space:it needs no cooling pump or cooling tower which can save a lot installation and material cost. It can be set on roof, yard, balcony or other suitable open air positions but no need of machine room.

2. Multiple functions: one unit can offer both cooling and heat.

3. Modular design system: each refrigeration system is independent and can be standby of each other. One failure of the cooling system will not affect the other. And the light and small unit make the delivery much easier. The modular design can make it freely combined to meet various requirements.


The unit applicable scope includes: market, housing, office, commercial building, factory workshop, hotel, hospital and so on.

Standard cooling conditions: Ambient temp: 35°CDB/24°C WB; cooling water in/out temperature: 12°C/7°C.

Standard heating conditions: Ambient temp: 7°CDB/6°C WB; cooling water in/out temperature: 40°C/45°C.

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Q:Air conditioning cooling capacity calculation formula, not professional, please do not enter
Ordinary 24 brick wall: 3 watts per square meter area, temperature difference per degree
Q:Who used industrial cabinets, air-conditioning, there are good manufacturers to introduce ah?
Thank you, just the manager of the 2 home, call contact me
Q:Industrial water-cooled air-conditioning, practical?
Good brands are: the United States, Jia Feng Industrial water-cooled air conditioning, Ke ruilai.
Q:What is the most economical use of industrial air conditioning plants? What brands do you have?
See you meet or meet the comfort of the workshop using different features have different types of air conditioning refrigeration or heating is only need these need detailed information about after it can determine which type of air conditioning cooling process
Q:What is the classification of industrial air conditioners?
cooling steam vaporized by the compressor suction compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, the completion of a cycle refrigeration system
Q:Performance of industrial air conditioning
Industrial air-conditioning power consumption is generally larger, ranging from tens of kW to several thousand kW range, generally using 3N~, 380V, 50Hz power supply
Q:Boris industrial air conditioner failure light, phase sequence protector, indicator light is not bright! What happens when machines do not work?! Jiqiu
Comrade on the first floor didn't see the phase sequence protector. Did you fix the household 220 AC
Q:What brand does the cabinet air conditioner have? Which one is good?
At present, the traditional household air-conditioning manufacturers are Chunlan, TCL, Hisense, in the production of such air-conditioning.
Q:SKYWORTH new air-conditioning industry, what are the highlights of the more prominent?
SKYWORTH air conditioning is used in harsh JIS industrial standard, the requirement of the air conditioning in the extremely high temperature under the conditions of normal operation, from the most basically ensure the high reliability of the air conditioner
Q:Do you know the Development Zone, Shougang, TOYOTA industrial air conditioning compressor factory?
The company can not buy agricultural land directly, it can buy industrial land directly. Your company takes the compensation and land price of agricultural land converted into industrial land, and then the Land Bureau will give you the right to use the state-owned land through the form of bidding, auction and listing

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