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length of tube


Rated power(W)940115018602730
Rated current(A)
Rated power(W)890115018002750
Rated current(A)
Low/High Max Outside temperatur °C-9/+46-9/+46-9/+46-9/+46
Dehumidifying Capacity L/h11.11.32.9
Air Cycle amount(m3/h)470520850930
Noise (in/outdoor) dB/A38/5339/5347/5751/61
Net Weight Indoor/ ourdoor(Kg)9/2510/3416/4716/66
Indoor Unit Product Dimensions765×200×250765×200×2501010×195×3201090×227×325
Outdoor Unit Product Dimensions640×240×475765×260×525810×310×670865×372×732
Loading Quantity in 20/40HQ120/29099/25065/16565/165
Applicable Area m211.5~1615~2023~31.532~44




Q1:Why is it important to use home air conditioner filters?

A:Without them you can clog up vital parts of the heating or cooling components that can be difficult to clean out and can cause severe damage that will be much more expensive to repair than the inconvenience of replacing a filter once a month.


Q2:What is VRF Air Conditioning System?

A:VRF air-conditioning systems owe their growing popularity to their ability to meet a wide range of requirements.

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Q:Air conditioning general how long does it take to add fluoride?
When using air conditioning, clearly feel air conditioning refrigeration result is bad, could be fluorine, the insufficient, need to add fluoride, but not air conditioning refrigeration result is bad must need to add fluoride to solve it, may be other reasons. 1: outdoor parts may be too dirty, dust is too thick, impact machine cooling, caused the result is bad, we in the actual repair often encounter this situation, 2: may be in the machine filter serious congestion, lead to machine evaporator in love can't normal circulation, and no wind blew out. 3: may be a blockage, air conditioning system caused by poor circulation, lead to air conditioning refrigeration and heating effect is not good. In general, can eliminate the above three conditions, the air conditioning will have to add fluoride, can work normally. Don't calculate by time
Q:What is the air conditioning air filter
Equipment room dedicated air conditioning filters are mainly used for air conditioning and ventilation system of the filter, purify air conditioning clean room return air filter, high efficiency filter, filter, filter of air compressor. Air conditioning filters are divided into a lot of kinds, home air conditioning air filter is v that nylon filter at the top of the supply air fan volute. Air filter is divided into the central air conditioning, the early work, in effect, and high efficiency, high level 4, its material shapes.
Q:Air conditioning 1 horse is what mean?
Air conditioning on the number of horse represents the power of air conditioning. 1 small 1 horse and horse is a horse
Q:How to correctly use of household air conditioning pressure gauge
General family expenses air conditioning don't have the pressure gauge, when maintenance will connect pressure gauge measurement
Q:Installation of household air conditioner have any requirements on line?
I also just bought air conditioning, for this is not clear, Someone the door installation, don't have to worry about
Q:Household air conditioning to choose what kind of good?
Try not to use the ark, not only inefficient, the effect also is very poor, is best for the installation of this chamber by number of rooms, a bedroom had better install frequency converter. Size should be determined according to how much room area, generally calculated per square 200 calories, while considering the sealed insulation, floor of the room, facing such factors as, in order to make sure the winter heating effect is good.
Q:What kind of air conditioning the save electricity?
For now, the frequency conversion air conditioning is one of the most energy saving.Haier. It is imported machine assembly. Usually people buy haier.
Q:Home air conditioning outlet: how much is A commonly
Ordinary socket is 10 Ann's Water heaters and air conditioning outlet is generally 16 amp Hope to adopt
Q:Where does air conditioning come from?
Our normal home use air conditioning wind is the cycle of indoor air. General household air conditioning fresh air unit, it is not possible from outdoor convulsions. Indoor air cycle can make indoor temperature falling into our set temperature. We put the Windows and doors shut, be helpful for the indoor wet, outdoor heat will not directly into. But won't cause indoor oxygen inadequacy, only affect indoor air quality, time grew, the air is not fresh, of course. If you need the fresh air had to open some Windows. Outdoor fan is on the on the outdoor condenser cooling. According to the energy conservation theorem, the energy is not created, and disappear. So when we are indoor temperature falling, indoor heat run where go to? Run to the outside, of course. The indoor quantity of heat is through outdoor condenser heat transfer in the air to outdoor.
Q:Household air-conditioning ventilation how useless?
There is no practical value, usually on a regular basis to open doors and Windows by ventilation.

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