7inch A13 tablet pc android 4.0

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 7'' Two Point Touch Resistive  Panel                                      

Boxchip A13/A8 Contex/Android 4.0/4GB

1. OS:Google Android 4.0
2. RAM:DDR3 512MB
3. Nand Flash:4GB
4. Screen:7 inch Resistive Screen Touch Screen,                                                          

5. Resolution: 800x480Pixels.
6. PORT:MiNi USB,HDMI port, USB2.0 port                                       
7. Rechargable Li-Polyer Battery:1500mAh/5V 2Ah                                             


Remark:  5 point touch Capacitive Panel ( Optional )


Packing Accessories:


1.Tablet PC

2.Mini Data Cable

3.User Manual

4.AC/DC Adapter


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