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  1. Special designed die-cast aluminium 

  2. Epistar 2835 LED 5000lm,RA>70

  3. Senpu Driver 

  4. PF>0.92   

  5. IP:66  

  6. Warranty for 2 years

  7. Suitable places:  Garden, Park, Path, etc


  • 1. Lamp body rotation for 90° , flood projecting and spot projecting performable

  • 2. RGB color change effects can be controlled by DMX512

  • 3. Superbright cool light output (no UV or heat energy)

  • 4. Long service lifetime to 50000 hours

  • 5. Easy to install and operate

  • 6. Safe, energy saving

  • 7. No UV or IR radiation.

LED lamp

  • a) Before the order to be confirmed, we should check the material & colour temperature by sample which should be strictly.

  • b) We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning.

  • c) Every LED lights qualiy checked & cleaned before packing.  ip65 outdoor flood light led 100w

  • d) Before delivery clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quaity.

  • e) We will try our best to help clients when problem occurred

LED lamp

LED lamp


LED lamp



IP65 UL Meanwell LED driver with high power factor    

Efficient heat sink system, to ensure the lighting long lifespan.    

High Efficiency, low heat, energy saving    

Environment friendly, waterproof, UV resistant.    

Safety Level:Low heat dissipation, solid state, high shock or vibration resistant, no UV or IR radiation.    

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Q:What brand of LED floodlight, light quality is better, light efficiency and high?
I love the most is to buy Lighting enthusiasts, lighting throughout the series
Q:What's the difference between a LED projector and a floodlights?
The main difference is the range of illumination.The LED light gives a spot relative to the light.
Q:LED floodlight effect
Floodlights are one of the most widely used light sources in the production of renderings, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better results. Floodlight is one of the most widely used light sources in the effect diagram. In the scene, many floodlights can be used together to produce better effects.
Q:Does the 50W 24V flood light have 200W 220V floodlight?
You want to make sure the two lamps are not the same type of lamps, lamp type metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, dysprosium lamp, tungsten lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and so on.
Q:What's the difference between a LED projector and a LED floodlight?
A light source having a focus, spot, and illumination in a particular area.
Q:Do you use spotlight for car led, and floodlight?
Indoor astigmatism should be better, according to a little more spacious, indoor brightness requirements are not very bright, wider, and small lights are also bright
Q:How long is the life span of the lED high-power floodlight? Is there a factory that can solve his problem of heat dissipation?
Increase the power of the driving power and reduce the working current of the LED module. The temperature of the power supply and the LED module can be lowered simultaneously.
Q:According to the brightness effect, the difference between LED light projector and LED floodlight
And the floodlight, his lighting range is relatively large, can be adjusted arbitrarily, here, in fact, floodlight is a category of lights.There are line lights, wall washer lights
Q:The difference between the gold halide lamp and the LED lamp in explosion proof floodlight
The metal halide lamp and the LED lamp are used for explosion proof floodlight, and different light sources used can be used.
Q:How to choose LED floodlight?
The leakage current is also very important, LED floodlight is a one-way conductive luminous body, if the reverse current is called leakage, the leakage current of LED, the service life is short, the current is a little larger there can burn the bulb, so LED floodlight of this type of price is relatively low, lighting recommendations it is best not to buy this type of.

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