200W Led Flood Light 200W 5 Years Warranty

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Product Description:

200w led flood light 200W 5 Years Warranty


LED Flood Light 220-230V, 110V, 127V, 12V 24V ( IR Remote DMX , RF cotontrol available)



Part No.




Beam Angle








IP Rating




200w led flood light 200W 5 Years Warranty







AC85-265V (50-60Hz)











  1. Technical Dates


Part No

200w led flood light 200W 5 Years Warranty

Lighting Angle


Power Factor(PF)


Power Efficiency


Working Voltage


Input Voltage/Frequency Range

AC 85~265V/50-60Hz; DC 12~48V

Lamp's Efficiency (%)


Working Humidity

10 % ~ 90 % RH

Storage Temperature

-25 ° C ~ 85 ° C

Light Body & Lampshade Material

Aluminum House & Glass

Working Temperature

- 30°C to + 55 °C

IP Rating

IP 65

Color Temperature


Color Index(CRI)



CE & RoHS; 

Working Life



3. Special Function:

Brightness dimmable: For single color, it is dimmable, Press the two buttons as the IR Remote controller’s show dimming the brightness long time press will be effective.

The speed adjustable:When the modes are jumping and gradual changing, Press the two buttons (QUICK AND SLOW) as the IR Remote controller’s adjusting the speed.

Memory function,The RGB LED floodlights will remember the program when you turn off the power supply, when you turn on the power, it will play like the program you set. Eg. when the modes are gradual changing, then, turn off the power, Then turn on the power, the modes are still gradual changing, The speed is the same as last time you set.

High temperature protection: when the temperature is more than 80 degree, the lamps will stop working


4. Open Package and Check

1) Check whether the carton of the light is good before open.

2) There is one certification, one introduction and one sealing ring matches to each light. Check whether the part of light is in good condition.

3) Check whether the connector and screw of the light are loose or not.



1) Read the manual carefully before using the light in order to avoid accidents and consequential damages.

2) Pay attention to 4.2 requirement when connect light, prohibit connect it reverse.

3) The product is designed to be maintenance-free. Under normal circumstances, servicing is not needed. Please contact us if the product needs servicing,.

4) Please check the product carefully before using it. If anything abnormal happens when in use, please contact us.

5) While using the light the surface temperature will rise a little bit. This is normal.

6) Open the connection of reflector and glass is prohibited, it will damage the waterproof.



1) Before installing, please make sure the light is complete.

2) Do not press or throw it hard.

3) The light should be kept in the place that is cool, dry and clean. Do not expose to extreme elements, such as fire and water.

4) Make sure the installation is correct then connect the power supply. Pay attention to close the power supply when install the light.

5) Do not throw the used lights indiscriminately. Observe proper recycling procedures.



1. Park, Square, outdoor

2. Schools, Colleges & Universities / art galleries.

3. Courtyard / Institution Buildings/ landscaping building

4., bridge, wall washing for bars, clubs, hotels, stages, parks, and

5. In any places where need energy-saving and pro-environment


Trade Terms:

1. Payment: T/T, (western Union or Papal are welcome

2. Sample lead time: 1-3days

3. Delivery time: for 100~500pcs:1- 7days; 500~1000pcs 3-14days

4. Shipping port: Shenzhen, China

5. Quantity discount is available

6. Minimum Quantity: 100pcs-200pcs (maximum sample: 1-10pcs)


Our Service:

1. We are profession manufactory LED products in China. Products range includes LED Flood Light, RGB LED light ,LED High light, LED down light, LED spot light, LED bulb and so on .have passed CE&ROHS certification. offer competitive price with high quality.

2. OEM &ODM are welcome

3. Satisfied after-sales service, welcome all requires, and we will reply it in 24 hours.

4. Unique appearance design and idle recommended services are offered


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Q:What's the difference between a LED projector and a floodlight?
But now many manufacturers are ambiguous about this concept, just as factory lights and industrial and mining lights, like many people are almost the same.
Q:What do you mean by "near distance attenuation" and "far distance attenuation" in 3DMAX floodlight?
Near attenuation: used to avoid light from a light source.Role: control the light source and object too close, close to expose serious situation..
Q:What are the applicable ranges of LED flood lights?
Led floodlight is widely used, because the lamp itself is waterproof and dustproof, so it is widely used in indoor and outdoor places. Such as: factories, workshops, warehouses, corridors, plazas, courtyards, districts, schools, oil stations, pavilions, garages, parks, roads, tunnels, billboards, lighting, etc.. The selection of specific lamp type needs to be determined according to the place of application.
Q:What are the color temperature of LED flood lights?
In fact, very light, as with ordinary LED lighting products, led flood light color temperature. Under normal circumstances, sub warm white 2700-3200K, neutral white 4000-4500K, cold white (some called white), 6000-6500K
Q:LED emergency floodlight, zy118 normally light, how to connect?
The control line, but the switch is connected to the fire line, when the switch is closed, the control line has electricity, so the lamp will not shine. When the power supply is out of power, the control line is out of power, and the lamp is powered by an internal battery, and the light is on
Q:What is the difference between a LED projector or a floodlight?
The difference between light and light is the projection angle of light above, but now many people confuse is not a standard to distinguish the light beam, his uniform, light is more concentrated on buildings or landscape objects, but now can turn him into light, then pan his light illumination range is relatively large.
Q:Does the 50W 24V flood light have 200W 220V floodlight?
You want to make sure the two lamps are not the same type of lamps, lamp type metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, dysprosium lamp, tungsten lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and so on.
Q:How long is the life span of the lED high-power floodlight? Is there a factory that can solve his problem of heat dissipation?
The current LED flood lights are LED modules with integrated light sources, and the heat is concentrated in one location. So there is no cost-effective program can be resolved. Water cooled radiator or vacuum radiator (average temperature plate) can be solved but the cost is too high.
Q:What's the difference between LED floodlight or HID floodlight? How many kinds?
HID flood lightThe light source is made of metal halide lamp (HGJLD) and high pressure sodium lamp (HGND) bulb. The appliance adopts the metal halide lamp inductive ballast (HGHID-Z) and the high voltage sodium lamp inductance ballast (HGNG-Z). Electronic trigger (HGCFQ-001), capacitance (HGDRQ-001). High luminous efficiency, high display and small volume. Light up, turn off the light bulb, and then cool down before you can light it up again. Cannot start instantaneously. But when the bulb or appliance is on, you can replace it yourself.
Q:Do you use spotlight for car led, or floodlight?
Anti fog lamp is also a stray light, not far off, but a large range of eye-catching! The only light is light, the actual is a form of astigmatism! Watch yourself slowly

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