Yogurt machine yogurt, what kind of milk is better?
Fresh milk has not been tried, because we bought the milk is generally sterilized, so gene...
Yogurt machine principle 5Can I use a thermos flask?
Yogurt is made by lactic acid bacteria growing in milk. As for the yogurt machine, the pri...
Would like to ask to use yogurt machine yogurt, water do not?
A method of home made sour milk is introduced, which is simple and convenient for home mad...
Yogurt machine too high temperature how to do?
You first pour about a box of milk, the kind of 250ML, and then bacteria into the mix even...
Yogurt machine yogurt stepsDo you have any new ways of making it? Teach me, 3Q.
5 success!Open lid, smooth and smoothPS: put it outside or freezer for a while, then it wi...
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