Yogurt machine, in addition to making yogurt, what is the use?
Generally speaking at least eight hours or more, but I love to do enough for ten hours, en...
! Yogurt machine yogurt, water and whey completely separated, and can you eat? Five
Can eat, normal phenomenon. If you suspect the water, the acid will be drained, but in fac...
What's the yogurt machine for?
Yogurt machine to do yogurt, but also to ferment bacteria, even if the milk factory do the...
HYUNDAI yogurt machine how to make yogurt?
Note: 1. homemade acid, grandma refrigerated can be stored for about 10 days, but the firs...
Rs-g13 yogurt machine need to add water in the middle?
You can also put a towel on it. Because, according to the change of temperature, the indoo...
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