I want to ask for the time to make yogurt yogurt machine cover must be sealed tight?
It was full of water! We recommend buying packed milk! Milk poured into the bottle put on ...
Can natto be made into sour rice wine?
Sure。Machines are the same in principle. It started to make yogurt, so the old-fashioned o...
Yogurt machine plugged in power, the indicator does not light what is the matter?
Setting and not scattered, diarrhea, a "egg cream" shape, give a person with good to hear ...
Is yogurt made from yogurt machines solid?
6. Put the container in the yogurt machine and change the top cover.7, the power supply is...
Bought yogurt machine, plus bacteria, but why is it only sour?
Pour a small amount of pure milk into the container, pour the yogurt, a small packet into ...
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