Yogurt machine, a whole winter made yogurt is very successful, but the two time the yogurt is not solidified!
Landlord said that the inside out a little hot, then the yogurt machine is certainly no pr...
Why does yogurt always use yogurt? Much water
Yogurt machine is a machine for making yogurt. A device that provides a constant temperatu...
Yogurt machine, yogurt, what can replace the fermentation ah?
3. Start the job of yoghurt machine. Stir well after the container cover into the yogurt m...
How do yogurt machines make yogurt?
A packet of yeast powder (1 grams).2, A, 1 thousand ml of pure milk. I use Mengniu, Yili m...
Yogurt with yogurt is the longer the fermentation time, the more water, or less
I use plain bags of pure milk, and the longer the thicker, I usually do 8-9 hours, very th...
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