Is the yogurt machine a heating appliance?
Our school is big power will be off, I have a little bear yogurt machine at home is 20 wat...
Yogurt machine, yogurt, what can replace the fermentation ah?
Making steps:1, disinfection. Yogurt is clean effect is very big, in the production of yog...
What yogurt machine is good?What brand of yogurt machine brand is good? To inexpensive, rice wine machine is best
However, some plastic containers are just beginning to taste and are not easy to clean. Th...
Yogurt machine, how to do yogurt, to be detailed
5., yogurt machine glass bowl, put a little water, 3 glass bottles sitting in a large bowl...
If the yogurt machine yogurt more than 20 hours can still eat it?
Yogurt fermentation bacteria are anaerobic bacteria, the general anaerobic bacteria are ha...
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