Yogurt machine, a whole winter made yogurt is very successful, but the two time the yogurt is not solidified!
This time I changed the nucleolus of Bifidobacterium yogurt fermentation agent case Taobao...
How long will it take for yogurt machine to make yogurt?
Usually 10 hours is ok. Bear yogurt machine, yogurt at night, and so on, you can eat in th...
Why natto machine can do yoghurt, yoghurt machine can not do natto?
Usually, the fermentation temperature of yogurt machine is 43----45 degrees C, and natto m...
What's the yogurt machine for?
Don't take any fruit and other things of the yogurt, stir in yogurt machine, which is not ...
Is homemade yogurt safe in the end? Does it contain primers?
From my experience of years of homemade yogurt and drinking homemade yogurt, the taste of ...
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