Which yogurt machine is good for you?
There is a lot of yogurt machine in your market...
Yogurt machine yogurt stepsDo you have any new ways of making it? Teach me, 3Q.
5 success!Open lid, smooth and smoothPS: put it outside or freezer for a while, then it wi...
How much water does the yogurt add? Warm water?
Do not add hot water, not too much, 1L capacity yogurt machine, for example, there is 1.5c...
Who knows how to make yoghurt with commercial yoghurt machine?
Sterilization: the milk is sterilized in a sterilizer and the temperature is 68 or 30 minu...
What raw materials do you need for yogurt making machine?
Raw materials have milk 1000ml, supermarkets bought bagged milk can be, fermented 1g, the ...
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