Yogurt machine with yogurt, no solidification is how ah?
The yeast isn't enough. Pay attention to the ratio of yeast to milk.Yogurt machine, yogurt...
What raw materials do you need for yogurt making machine?
3, either skim or whole fat can be, but must be pure milk4, about the taste, entirely depe...
Would like to ask to use yogurt machine yogurt, water do not?
A method of home made sour milk is introduced, which is simple and convenient for home mad...
Fruit language yogurt machine, how to do yogurt?
Fruit yogurt machine, yogurtMaterialsPure milk 1 literYogurt fermentation agent 1g (packet...
Buy yogurt confidential, pay attention to what?
Homemade yogurt is used in constant temperature fermentation, so the yogurt machine is the...
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