What glue can stick iron?
Glue is the intermediate between two kinds of materials. It is a kind of fine chemical, wh...
What glue can glue PP plastic?
First use SABA's 48 cleaning agent to clean the surface of the material, remove the dirt s...
What glue does the hard plastic bond with?
HY-302ABPP glue is mainly used in all kinds of plastic products, PP/PE/POM/, nylon and oth...
How does the new Juicer remove the plastic flavor of the fuselage?
Pay attention to using ah..1. You can wash it with Taomi shui..2. If it still tastes, rub ...
The plastic bucket of water dispenser is reused. Has it been harmful for a long time?
Plastic film, plastic film, plastic film don't wrapped on the surface of food into the mic...
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