polish aluminum on my motorcycle?
MOTHERS okorder.com one to do the polishing....then use a fresh one to buff the aluminum. ...
High quality Aluminum or Mediocre Carbon frames?
Personally I would go with the high quality Aluminum because it would be stiffer, but not ...
Machining of large area aluminum plate in machining center 101500*1500*25 aluminum sheet requires flatness of 0.1-0.15.
Brother, I want to tell you first, the aluminum grinding machine is very rare! Because the...
what's the difference between the knocking voice of aluminum sheet and stainless steel?
The voice of aluminum sheet is toneless, and the voice of stanless steel is more crisp....
How many grams of oxygen are needed to react with 3.00 moles of aluminum?
Well, aluminum oxide is Al2O3, right? So for every 2 aluminum atoms there are 3 oxygen ato...
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