What is the best material that i can get my hands on to block magnetic charge?
Mu-metal is the best material there is. pedia: Mu-metal is a nickel-iron alloy (approxima...
What is the magnetic power produced in the coils of an 7.5 HP DC motor when it is being run in full speed?
many times a small shop like mikes muffler will have an aftermarket converter he can insta...
What are the characteristics of a magnetic filter?
Characteristics of magnetic filters:1, the highest reached twelve thousand Gauss, and the ...
Do magnetic fields only [visibly] attract or repel (exert positive or negative force on) conductive material?
It is complicated, there could be exceptions...
What Is The Difference Between Magnetic and Non- Magnetic Materials?
A magnet (from Greek μαγνήτης λίθος, Magnesian stone) is a material or object that produce...
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