What is magnetism? What can be divided into metal materials by magnetism?
When the magnetization is M negative, the solid is diamagnetic. Bi, Cu, Ag, Au and other m...
The magnetic material after bonding, cut into thin slices, how to remove the glue on the material?
Heating, plus a certain temperature, more than the glue can withstand the temperature, aft...
We know whats on the MOON?
The Moon has a rocky and metallic nucleus, nothing unusual. Layers and layers of rock. Now...
Excuse me, are magnetic materials and magnetic materials a kind of saying? Very urgent, thank you
Generally referred to as "magnetic material" refers to the ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic...
Does anyone know of a supplier for non magnetic screws that will remain non magnetic in high mag fields?
Stainless steel screws may be your answer. These are generally non-magnetic, strong and ca...
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