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The plastic floor gives off a plastic smell. Is it harmful?
No, because no matter what plastic has its special taste, this plastic taste is not too mu...
A pair of meshing gears. Which gear has a large bending stress?
The coefficient of tooth shape YF1 > YF2, because the material is different, the hardness ...
Think IKEA kitchen integrated kitchen pretty good, but I do not know what the installation process is?
Loading and unloading about 300 to 500, buy cabinets first, in the smoke, decoration time ...
does Refresh Rate really important when buying a lcd monitor of 23 or 24 inch for watching movies and games ?
120Hz is better but quality of the monitor is important. The best makes for monitors are: ...
surge protector and power filter - monster cable or equiv.?
The surge protector could have a swap or circuit breaker on it. determine the swap is on a...
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