What size and height do you need for a wardrobe
The size of the depth range is from 490mm to 540mm, the width is not limited, but usually ...
What kind of board is better with whole wardrobe?
Solid wood: solid wood plate, durable, natural lines, is the best choice in decoration. So...
Can you make a wardrobe for trees in your mountains? Do you buy wood or cut trees?
The timber of one's own home also wants to pass processing to be good, be inferior to the ...
What do you mean by a half door wardrobe? Is it more expensive than a regular wardrobe?
First find out what the gate is. Sliding door and sliding door opening and closing the doo...
Wardrobe placed behind the wall, what is particular about?
If the bedroom lighting, ventilation is good, the wardrobe tone is not too much stress, bu...
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