where i can find a computer connector to blazer 97?
If you are talking about the diagnostic link connector. most parts stores carry scan tools...
I have red and 2 yellow composite connectors on my tv, Roku requires 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 white. Any sugges?
REALLY ODD: Could be one of two things. 1) That the connectors are miss labeled. In that c...
What connectors do i need for my Radeon HD 5870?
From the pictures I've seen it looks like its a simple PCIe power connector. I don't think...
Power suply question - 20 pin vs 24 pin connector?
Go ahead and use the connector. Its fully compatible...
what does polarized connectors mean ?
It simply means that the plug is designed so it can only be plugged in one way. Like the n...
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