A questions about body lice and vacuum cleaners...?
let him keep it because he is just sick any way really don't think you can get them from t...
Have you ever run over your OWN toe with the front of the vacuum cleaner?
Strangely no, but I have vacuumed up/over everything else...even pets....
What would yWhich Vacuum cleaner should I gift my Mom??ou like to ask?
Hoover or Nilfisk :) (nilfisch is more expensive but are good)...
What is a decent inexpensive vacuum cleaner to buy?
I recommend trying to find a used Electrolux at a thrift store, yard sale, or pawn shop. T...
My Husband and I have argued about this for days...?
I've always vacuumed before dusting. I use a damp cloth for dusting so no dust is hitting ...
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