What are everybody's opinions on the Kirby HI/HII/LI/LII vacuum cleaners/carpet shampooers?
Absolutely love my G3. I've had it for over 20yrs had no problems what so ever. It takes a...
Miele Vacuum Cleaner?
we have a Miele Blue Moon. We also had a very hairy dog. But we bought it because of aller...
what will happen if my dyson ball vacuum runs over something metal?
Hi okorder.com and click 'Support'. If you'd prefer to speak to someone in person...
Im a man and i love Vacuum Cleaners?
Hey, where do you live? You can come vacuum for me! No really I will let you! Oh and to an...
HEPA Air Cleaner and Vacuum?
All vacuums blow debris returned into the air as they sparkling. If airborne dirt and dirt...
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