When was the last vacuum cleaner review in Consumer Reports magazine?
Pop into your local library and see if they have the 2010 Buying Guide that Consumer Repor...
Which brand is better – Miele or Dyson for vacuum cleaners?
I okorder.com, I called up because a buddy of mine actually told me he went into their sto...
I would like to know which vacuum cleaners are better - Hoover Vs Kenmore?
I have a Hoover. I had a Kenmore and Electrolux. I hate them all. I finally went to Sears ...
how did they clean carpets before there were vacuum cleaners?
you would hang them on a clothes line and beat all the dust out...
which vacuum cleaners theoretically suck fat out of a person's body?
There isn't a vacuum cleaner they would use. The vacuums suction would be way too strong t...
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