What do you my neighbour is doing with his vacuum cleaner?
Hmmm I've known guys who were very VERY fond of their vacuum cleaners. I imagine that woul...
are bagless cleaners better then baged cleaners ?
Some bagless vacuum cleaners are better than some bagged cleaners yes, but that really app...
Help with this algebra 2 question PLEASE!!!!?
For increasing cubic binomials the final formula is as follows: (a + b) ^ 3 = a^3 + 3*a^2*...
best sweeper/vaccum?
I like the dirt dog. Turn it on and leave and it cleans the floor. It is built to be toug...
Why are sewing machines and vacuum cleaners always repaired at the same shop?
Eric it is not necessary. You can choose different-different shops to repair your sewing m...
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