What is the best and affordable vacuum cleaner ?
I gave up on vacuum cleaners a few years ago. I use a shop vac. It works like a champ! I v...
What vacuum cleaner should I purchase?
I would get a bagless one. Less costly in the long run, you don't have to worry about runn...
Mad Vacuum Attack!! My 14 mos old GSD Bear becomes an absolute maniac when I am trying to vacuum the house.?
He sees the vacuum as a threat to him and to you. You need to put him somewhere else where...
What value does Voltage indicate for vacuum suction?
You need to explain this better, it makes no sense as it is. edit: no way to know exactly....
Why is it when the majority of wives decide to depart they act like giant vacuum cleaners?
Only WEAK husbands get the vacuum cleaner done to them.. I hope you're not a WEAK husband!...
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