Does anyone make really quiet vacuum cleaners?
The quietest one I know is a Ghibli. I have one. If you're standing beside it, you can tal...
Why do shop vacuum cleaners have a ball (sphere of plastic) in the frame that is covered by the filter?
Shop vacs are designed to suck up liquids and when the tank fills the ball will float and ...
does a vacuum cleaner pick up as much dirt while you pull it backwards?
From what I understand, a vacum cleaner can produce just as much, if not better suction wh...
Why don't manufacturers of upright vacuum cleaners make them with retractable cords?
Sears does. Their Kenmore brands have retractable cords. I have one. It is a canister vacu...
Vacuum Cleaners.?
We use a Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus. It has a hepa filter and is bagless; it works great on ...
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