What is wrong with my vacuum cleaners?
Sounds like you have a high pile carpet and your brush is toooooo low. Raise the brush wit...
Any opinions on hard floor cleaners (wet/dry) vacuums?
I tried the Floor Mate, garbage...it didn't do a good job of cleaning (terrible suction) a...
small vacuum cleaners?
About a year ago I bought a bagless Bissell at Wal-Mart for $42.00 and I just love it. It'...
Why are little kids and dog afraid of vacuum cleaners?
I don't think it's a dumb question at all. I think it's because it's so loud and it moves ...
Which of the following is a physical separation method and which are chemical changes? Match classsifaction?
physical separation= air filters in vacuum cleaners, oil filters in cars. chemical separat...
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