Questions about Scaffold (aka Industrial) piercings?
Ask how long they have been piercing and what certifications (if any) they carry, addition...
how can i prevent my scaffold piercing from getting keloids/infected?
try drying it out with sea salt soaks, tea tree oil, aspirin paste (crushed aspirin and wa...
Im planning on getting an industrial (scaffolding) ear piercing...?
Hi I got it done a few months ago I love it! Its really not that sore at all just a slight...
what is the height of a scaffold if the person is 6ft tall?
Whatever they set it at. It could be 1 foot, 4 feet, or 20 feet. How tall a person is, is ...
Scaffolding installation process, construction preparation
Construction preparation(1): steel pipe should be consistent with current national standar...
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