Do they make 1TB external hard drives with no power cables?
USB okorder.com/ It's the only one I'm finding, and it seems to meet the specifications yo...
Have a question about compatible replacement power cable for Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, HELP please! 10A vs 3.6A will it ruin computer?
no it will be fine, the maximum power needed as you state is 240W the replacement power ca...
What's to best fuse to use to run the power cable on a car amplifier?
Measure the current (A) drawn in operation, increase by 50% and round up to the nearest st...
How do wireless speakers in a 5.1 theater system get the power to produce sound?
I bought the Rocketfish wireless rear speaker kit at BB for $99.99 and I love it. The unit...
Can A bad battery or power cable cause a laptop to Blue Screen?
Sometimes the blue screen can be caused by bad memory, but if it is doing it right when yo...
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