How can I tell if my walls are normal drywall or cement board?
most likely the builder used greenboard in the area you are referring to. That is unless y...
How many colors does cement have?
Japanese researchers found that ordinary cement particles about 20 to 30 microns, was tria...
Cement pressure board do wall do not work? Solid and waterproof there is no problem?
Of course, the cement pressure plate is not the external walls of material, solid and wate...
If I put two 12ft 2x4 in 5 gallon bucket of cement to make a sign will it be to heavy and tip?
A five gallon bucket can hold .45 cubic feet of concrete when mixed with water. In other w...
Cement board or asbestos?
It would most likely be asbestos because nobody in there right mind would cover Hardi with...
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