Power, Resistance of cables?
I think you went wrong with the length. If R= (resistivity x length)/Area, make sure you a...
Car Amp Power Cable Help??!?!?
It sounds like your talking about a inline fuse holder and if thats true it dosent matter ...
What is the difference between KVV and VV cables and are they clearly different?
Eight or six no less, the first good fire retardant pipe on the line, the box can be opene...
how do I wire dash lights in my car with a 302cm power cable?
I don't know what you mean by 302cm power cable. When it has 2 wires, one if usually the h...
does a peavey combo 300 bass amp need a pre amp?
You have three questions, let's see if I can get you three satisfying answers. Does it ne...
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