Ye Lashi's process technology
Pyrophyllite usually made crafts and milling and processing of pyrophyllite powder bleachi...
Is Ye Lashi waterproof?
Pyrophyllite is not waterproof, which itself is a hydrophilic material. After coupling, ac...
How to use the pyrophyllite refractory material, how to use, crushed, or powdered. Or block?
Powder is usually added to the refractory,Not much, just as additive, but also has the pyr...
The catalytic purification of graphite powder can do what.
In nature there is no pure graphite, which often contains SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, CaO, P2O5, CuO...
The development trend of Ye Lashi
The main products: the characteristics and application of pyrophyllite line expansion coef...
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