My 5 year old is scared of the vacuum is this normal?
That is a very odd fear. He is old enough to talk about it. Ask him why it scares him....
what is the best brand of vacuum cleaner? I'm about to buy one!?
its not the brand, its how it works and will it keep on working , DYSON DYSON DYSON this ...
help with vacuum cleaners...?
I love my Hoover Windtunnel. I paid about 125 for it at Wal-mart. It has the rotating hand...
What's the difference between vacuum dust collector and ordinary vacuum cleaner?
The dust collector can absorb tiny particles of dust, and has the effect of purifying air,...
How do you service a Hoover vacuum bearing?
why not try to contact HOOVER for advice? there has to be an 1-800 number somewhere out th...
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