What is the down ceiling
Ceiling and the middle of the wall, you can use the ceiling angle, similar to the frame fu...
What is gypsum board ceiling?
Gypsum board is based on building gypsum as the main raw material, and mixed with appropri...
Gypsum ceiling what materials? Material prices are what kind of price?
(Slightly a little shape or flat ceiling) into a single square meter, the material 64 yuan...
Is there a need to get a plaster line?
According to the overall style of the house to determine, in general, the top of the Europ...
Home to do a 40 * 40 lamp slot, only a layer of gypsum board, wood panels, wood are not. I installed in the inside of the 2.5 kg heavy crystal lamp, a single layer of gypsum board can withstand the live, I am afraid to fall
Must be done in the light steel keel load, or else waiting for a problem bars...
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