Standard for welding quality of I-beam
I-beam is mainly divided into ordinary I-beam, light I-beam and H steel three.Ordinary I-b...
What is the modulus of elasticity of No. 16 I-beam?
The modulus of elasticity of No. 16 I-beam is 206000 N/mm2.Generally speaking, the elastic...
What is the material of hot rolled ordinary I-beam?
I-beam is also called steel girder (English name Universal Beam). It is a strip of steel w...
What angles, angles and channels are used in general? Please try to be specific
Profiles are commonly used in construction for steel structures, plant buildings (single d...
In the welding of steel structure, the welding between I-beam and stiffener needs three sides to be welded
In the welding of steel structures, the welding between the I-beam and the stiffener needs...
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