Whats the best way to store fruits and vegetables so they last longer?
go online shopping honey.even better: hang out with friends! you shouldn't be alone on a f...
Wrapping homemade chocolates?
Try a waxed or coated paper, then a fancy wrapping like a cellulose or paper one, it is be...
when having new stainless steel cookware like fry pans is there a seasoning method i should do before using?
Here's a highfiber dessert, of all thingsHe'll probably eat this without complaintYou can ...
Please share some of your favorite camping recipes?
Good old fashioned standby that most people forget about is the Manwich Sloppy Joe! Anothe...
can I bake cookies on alumiun foil ?
It will be very awkward to get the foil with the cookies on it in and out of the ovenBake ...
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