When tiling countertops, can you glue the tiles directly to the wood or do you need cement board?
it wud be good if u use cement boards! if u stick it to wood directly: 1) if termites come...
I can ollie on rug but not cement?
It is cause you have got so used to doing it on carpet. I wouldn't recommend anyone learni...
When building a tile shower. On walls, can I use poly behind cement board and redguard on top?? Too Much??
Tile council of America calls for a vapor barrier behind the cement board ..The red guard ...
Removing Slate Floor Tiles & I Have Cement Underlayment?
get one of those ice chippers the big ones and chip away at them and after that put a new ...
Is there anything you can add to cement which will increase insulating power?
I would not add anything to the cement itself. Cement is a formula that must be followed f...
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