Cement fiberboard formulations
Add a new type of building material that is made of plant fiber, pulping, picking, pressin...
What is the fiber used for cement foaming?
Polypropylene staple fibers are chemically stable and only rely on changing the physical s...
I need to cut a 4-5 hole in fiber cement shingle. any advice as to which brand and type of hole saw?
here's a cheap way to do it...using inexpensive drill bits (carbide/masonry), if you have ...
Can I paint Cement Board?
You may want to run the concrete backer only about 3' up that will cover the real wet part...
why does concrete block crumble but driveways and sidewalk do not? (cement and car relate question)?
use some bricks to support the car and the use of your jack and stands on bricks get a re...
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