Light steel keel ceiling ,,, Commonly used is 50 to 50 system ,,, Light steel keel, the surface after the heat crossing zinc treatment, and long no rust, no deformation ,,, State regulations installed on the light steel keel on the gypsum board, as a class A fireproof material Wood keel because the water is too large, and love deformation ,,, no fire, so you can see Large place, no one is covered with wooden keel. The There are two real problems: 1 "with wood keel, the effect is not bad, and the cost is not cheap ,,, now light steel 50 keel and 3 * 5 wooden cost
Landlord or light steel bar! One word: province....
Will the light steel keel ceiling area is small can be no boom?
Do not meet, must be installed boom, side keel fixed must be,...
Light steel keel ceiling one square meter how much money
Ordinary flat ceiling artificial 25 yuan / m2 or so, light steel keel + gypsum board mater...
Ecological wood veneer gypsum board closed light steel keel ceiling decoration drawings so what is the meaning? How to understand
The above is just speculation in accordance with the practice only, the designer belongs t...
Light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, the main bone the most side of a row, that is, the nearest row from the wall, and the spacing between the walls of what is the rule, if not, is not also by the distance between the main bone 900 -1200MM, gypsum board fixed on the side of the keel on the line. What are the rules for the keel?
General ceiling, then we must play a few holes in the top, with the screw to the keel fixe...
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