Would you get on a window washer scaffold on a skyscraper for $1000 ?
Hell yeah! But it would be madd scary....
Bowl buckle type steel pipe scaffold and full fastener type scaffolding are long what kind of? What is the difference
Fastener type scaffolding is composed of shelves and fasteners, and the bowl buckle scaffo...
Was it painful? How much did it cost you?
it is on the top of your ear normaly and long bar I am going to get it done this week I sa...
Pankou scaffolding is good for
Pankou scaffolding hot-dip galvanizing process, the use of up to 15 years of age or above....
has anyone done this? Does this work out really well?thanks,Chad
i can only think of 2 problems. put boards under your feet so they dont sink in. even if i...
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