Camera and camera lens, in the south of the wet environment, the specific how to do moisture-proof mold?
  2. For the ordinary consumer level digital camera, if you buy a professional oven to sav...
24-70 What does the lens mean?
24-70 lens means the shortest focal length of 24mm, up to 70mm zoom range. Scope of applic...
What is the price of the most expensive camera lens?
The most expensive SLR lens: Leica APO-TELYT-R 1: 5.6 / 1600mm lens equivalent to RMB1600 ...
Sony camera dsc h50 lens how to clean
3, the lens is a high-precision professional devices, even if you clean up and then clean,...
How to clean the digital camera lens
   If there is dust, first blow the dust with a blown ball, can not blow the brush can be ...
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