How does the capacitor work? What does it do?
Straight to pass on the circuit need to pass the AC signal, power supply filter, cut off D...
Low voltage capacitor voltage 0.45 and 0.4 What is the difference between usage
0.45 and 0.4 capacitors are capacitors that rated the line voltage of 0.45kV and 0.4kV; th...
How to use the capacitor
Solid-state aluminum capacitors have positive and negative points, do not reverse the soli...
What is the electrolytic capacitor inside?
There are aluminum foil, paper (not the general paper), as well as electrolyte. There is p...
Use capacitance to do transformer how to calculate
Capacitance buck method: For example, we will be a 110V / 8W bulb and a 1uF capacitor in s...
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