Yogurt machine yogurt time, looking at it?
Your machine is timed, it will be scheduled for ten hours, not even good time, for ten hou...
Can natto be made into sour rice wine?
Sure。Machines are the same in principle. It started to make yogurt, so the old-fashioned o...
How long is it best to make yogurt with a yogurt machine?
The fourth step, after setting the time, look at the yogurt, if it assumes solidification,...
Recently, the preparation of yogurt machine yogurt, I heard the cost of homemade yogurt is higher than the direct purchase of ready-made
Overall shows that homemade yogurt is basically feasible, not to cause too much waste of m...
Why did I use the yogurt machine for 20 hours without hair?
The first is I'm doing yogurt drink every week to do that now is a very experienced succes...
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