Should I get the New Macbook (the aluminium one)?
Sure, why the heck notI love mine when the Airport card is actually working :)...
Aluminum oxide questions?
aluminium(III) oxide is Al2O3 molar mass is 2xAl + 3XO = (2 x 27) + (3 x 16) = 102g/mol n(...
Does chainmail rust out?
like what are you talking about? the only one of those that wont instantly melt is aluminu...
Looking to start reloading, what works for these rounds?
You are confusedI am a reloading instructorThere are a large number of 'new' cartridges th...
How many electrons are now in the atom due to the ionization?
A neutral aluminum atom contains 13 electrons and 13 protonsAfter some reaction mechanism ...
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