I have used it before to get deleted photos which didn't workNow, my camera isn't uploading into my computer so I decided to use it insteadbut what do I do, do I need a program or do I need nothing at all please let me know because it is very important and I need to get the pics online
If you have WIndows XP or later, just plug in the card reader, then insert a camera card i...
How do I choose a charger?
Your "charger" marked output 5V 2000mA, indicating a larger battery capacity....
Computer geeks please help! what software and card reader(hardware) would be needed to convert a tablet or a regular desktop to read a sim card i have a tablet without a sim card reader
Nothing. It doesn't work that way. You would need to either buy a 4G capable tablet OR buy...
I was just curious as it interests me. My mum is a big believer and goes to lots of card readers. I went to one a couple of weeks ago that seemed pretty bogus (she just left some cards on a table and told us to 'grab whatever' and then proceeded to say the same thing, eg moving house, going on holiday, finding love, ect), but my mum see's this one woman who she swears blind gets her cards right ever time. I've often thought, is card reading really real or do we just make the 'information' fit? Like if the reader says you're going through a difficult patch or you're unhappy with your life you just make yourself think she's right?
Tarot card reading is nothing but a scam. They use vague and leading responses to find wha...
i have a Toshiba Satellite L35-S2161 and i was wondering if it has a card reader so i can put music in my sd card that goes in my phone
if you don't have the owners manual for your computer go to toshiba website and search you...
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