How do I remove stains from plastic stools?
Five clean powder, that is, efficient multi-function cleaning powder, according to the dif...
Plastic children bicycle seat belts to Leggings
Hello, if you are to buy 9 months to 12 years old children's safety seat, the seat with fi...
Can I wash plastic chairs with caustic soda? There's a lot of grease on my plastic chair. Can I wash it with caustic soda?
The concentration is not too high, in fact, you buy soda in the supermarket, you can surfa...
Is the seat of the new idea l wrapped in plastic or non-woven fabrics?
But the import Tiguan has shorter wheelbase, larger front bumper and fender domestic Tigua...
What kind of hard plastic material is used in franchised stores? Furniture, chairs, tables are often used.
PP grade plastic, yes, your home decoration if the floor, then choose peace of mind. Peace...
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