Xbox battery pack help?
U should get the ones with out the rechargable battries becuz they stay in and its lasts a...
My friend has an Echo 1 M249 (airsoft). If I make a custom battery pack at 10.8volts and 1500mah will I hurt i
If you put a 10.8v battery in there, you will wreck every internal gear that there is to w...
what is the highest capacity xbox battery pack?
The Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery 2-Pack is perfect for any gamer who goes through battery...
How do you make your own battery pack?
Put a few batteries in series, is a group of three batteries, each group of voltage 3,6 V...
Duratrax Onyx 1800 NiCd Battery Pack Danger Cancer?
just dont saw it open and eat the insides :D if its covered in plastic the battery cant ha...
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